If anyone wants my old stages, feel free to email me at saiyajin.mui@gmail.com

Hey, welcome to my site. You'll find my newer stages here.

I'll add more soon.

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  • 3 Stages Released! 18/11/2013Oh man, I've gotten slower. Anyways, here's another three stages I've put together. Stages are animated and have BGM.Blackreach:The Tower of Alexandria ...
    Posted 17 Nov 2013, 12:37 by Sam Mui
  • Saiyajin Mui's November 9 releases 2013 09/11/2013Still around. I wonder if people still use MUGEN Plus nowadays. Or have everyone migrated to 1.0? Anyways, we have 3 stages this year. Hope you ...
    Posted 11 Nov 2013, 20:23 by Sam Mui
  • Saiyajin Mui's November 9 releases 2012 09/11/2012It's that time of year again. Here's what I have saved up for everybody over the past year or so. Stages are all ...
    Posted 8 Nov 2012, 16:03 by Sam Mui
  • [Hi-Res] The Sacred World of the Kais 29/09/2012I thought I was onto something when I discovered this. I guess I was right. Expect a few more DBZ stages soon!Sky was static. Only waterfall ...
    Posted 28 Sept 2012, 14:00 by Sam Mui
  • [Hi-Res] Alpha Labs 3.0 16/09/2012I remembered Alpha Labs being the first stage I ever made over 20MBs back in the day. This is the same area from a different part of ...
    Posted 15 Sept 2012, 13:24 by Sam Mui
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