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MBAA - Sleeping Forest: Revisited + Fallout 3: Dukov's Place Released!

posted 30 May 2009, 14:48 by Saiyajin Mui

I do have permission from Ouchi by the way. A huge thanks to him for any future MBAA stages until I can rip them myself.

Anyways, here one of soon to be several MBAA stage edits. I'll also do a few more Fallout 3 stages. Having all the expansions and stuff helped :p. Anyways, keep posted, I have  a nice surprise for this year's November 9th release.

BGM: Good Morning One Scene (MBAA-Sleeping Forest), Fox Boogie (Dukov's Place)

Stage Links:

Sleeping Forest:

Dukov's Place:

Feedback here or at MI appreciated.