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Melty Blood Edit: Field Sunset Final and Extended Edition Released!

posted 7 Jun 2009, 14:04 by Saiyajin Mui   [ updated 7 Jun 2009, 18:52 ]


Here you go. The final revision of Field Sunset as well as a longer version of the stage (The Extended Edition). Here's what's new:

+ Added front layer of grass.
+ Added flare for the sun.
+ Grass in Field Sunset Final has animations.
+ Delta tweaking.

Special Thanks to...

Lyn: My main tester and advisor on Field Sunset Final
DooM: For extending the length of Field Sunset so I could make the Extended Edition.
The_Paper: For allowing me to use the grass animations.
Lightoss: For providing the original inspiration for this stage.

I have a few more stages I'm working on that should be done real soon.


Stage Links:

Field Sunset Final:
Field Sunset Extended Edition:

Feedback on MI appreciated.