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Perhaps the last Melty Blood stage for a while?

posted 7 Mar 2010, 22:00 by Saiyajin Mui   [ updated 7 Mar 2010, 22:17 ]

Hey folks. I've been thinking that I've spent a lot of time on making Melty Blood edit stages. I might give it a rest for a while, maybe update some of my existing work and work on other stages for the time being. But before that, I have one more MB stage edit to share with you folks.

I thought I'd play around with the upper areas of the stage since with Melty Blood Actress Again stage rips, the top parts are smaller than the rest of the stage, and when blown up, the parts look blurred and somewhat unappealing. I thought it ended up alright. Anyways, here's the difference between the original stage and my edit. Original on left, my edit on right:

Name: Arima's Chinese Kempo Home - Enhanced Edition
Author: Saiyajin Mui
Origins: Melty Blood Actress Again
BGM: WBAI SABI Brand New Every Day
Animated: Yes
Special Thanks to: Ouchi for the source material and Cybaster (that stage tool saves me so much time in splitting stuff up).
Stage Link:

Feedback Appreciated!