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Saiyajin Mui's November 9 Release

posted 8 Nov 2009, 15:00 by Saiyajin Mui   [ updated 8 Nov 2009, 22:48 ]

16 stages this year. Most of them have no BGM. Before that though. Let's thank some people.

- Snowy Prower for Moonlit Battle and Crimson Battle (both versions)
- Lyn for being my stage tester
- Ouchi for MBAA sprites
- DShiznetz for Type-Wild related stages

Moonlit Battle Hi-Res Edition.

Crimson Battle V1 and V2

V2 has a nice animation for the moon :)

Gateway Colosseum:

Misaki High School (Night)

Tohno Mansion (Revisited)

St Paul's Cathedral

Rooftop (Day)

Misaki Park (Morning)

Type Wild - Field

Ashburton College: Outside the Canteen

Christchurch War Memorial Statue

Prinny Tents (A properly scaled version)

Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta

Caribbean Gardens Restaurant

Fuyuki City: Night

Links. (Make sure to open each one up in a different tag!)

Moonlit Battle:

Crimson Battle V1:

Crimson Battle V2:

Gateway Colosseum:

Misaki High School (Night):

Tohno Mansion: Revisited:

St Paul's Cathedral:

Rooftop (Day):

Park (Morning):

Type Wild - Field:

Ashburton College - Outside the Canteen:

Christchurch War Memorial Statue:

Prinny Tents:

Mothership Zeta:

Caribbean Gardens Restaurant:

Fuyuki City - Night:

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