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Saiyajin Mui's November 9 Releases (2011 Version)

posted 8 Nov 2011, 12:57 by Sam Mui

Another year, another mass stage release. I've had some of these stages lying around for months and I figured I might as well release them, so I hope you guys enjoy~♪ All stages with the exception of Cell's Arena - Sunset are animated and all come with BGM. This year, I have 15 stages rolled out the door and ready for you folks to enjoy!

London Streets

The Office of Reed Wahl

Rapture Central Computing

Before The Thinker - The Final Farewell

The Subway

Hengsha Court Gardens

Omega Ranch

Omega Ranch: The White Room

The Think Tank

Angel Cave

Sit, Stay, Kill

A Lovely House - Master Bedroom

Arena: Day

Arena - Under the Skies of Oblivion

Cell's Arena - Sunset

Stage Links:


The Office of Reed Wahl:

Rapture Central Computing:

Before the Thinker - The Final Farewell:

The Subway:

Hengsha Court Gardens:

Omega Ranch:

Omega Ranch - The White Room:

The Think Tank:

Angel Cave:

Sit, Stay, Kill:

A Lovely House - Master Bedroom:

Arena - Day:

Arena - Under the Skies of Oblivion:

Cell's Arena - Sunset:

Once again, I hope you guys enjoy these releases and I'll be back with more stages soon!