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The Battle of A Baoa Qu

posted 10 May 2010, 01:00 by Saiyajin Mui

Because I really enjoy the Universal Century era of Gundam, playing through EX Revue allowed me to make this stage of the Battle of A Baoa Qu.

Now I'm pretty aware Tarusac had made an A Baoa Qu stage as well so I did try to make mine as different as I could. The main differences are:

- My stage is suited for Hi-Res only.
- I've separated the debris of space with the ground as well as adding deltas and with the land debris a layer as to add depth.
- Background has been given a delta as to give the illusion that it's a little bigger than what it is.
- I've used less animations than Tarusac while still trying to maintain consistency in looping explosions in the background.

BGM: - Mobile Suit Gundam's theme in SD Gundam G Generation Wars. If anyone can tell me the name of it, it'd be good.

Stage Link: Click Here

Feedback Appreciated!