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Underworld Entrance + Outside Big Town Released! (Fallout 3 Stages)

posted 14 Jun 2009, 15:19 by Saiyajin Mui

I recently picked up this game on PC and it was brilliant. The first thing I did was change the sky as well as some of the textures. Only the changed sky is reflected in the Outside Big Town stage. Outside Big Town has the sun and a flare whereas, Underworld Entrance has an animated flame in a drum. I hope you guys and gals enjoy it! There are some enhancements I made on the Outside Big Town stage which I'll show below.

The image on the left was the stage after I added the enhanced sky mod. Sadly I don't have a vanilla image of the stage.

The image on the right is after I'd done a few edits as well as add the sun in.

Before I finish, there are a couple of Melty Blood stages I have in the works, just need music for one of them, then I'm set.

BGM: Battle 01 and Battle 02 from Fallout 3.

Underworld Entrance:

Outside Big Town:

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Underworld Entrance:
Outside Big Town:

Feedback on MI appreciated.